Operational consulting

For investments in the hospitality and tourist facilities that are subject to compulsory classification and categorization

Preparation of project documentation and other documentation needed for obtaining a hotel activity license, including a heritage hotel, diffusive and integral hotels, spa hotels and hotels of special standards, aparthotels, tourist apartments, camps, marinas, as well as rooms and apartments in the household.

Analysis and implementation of legal solutions in the field of tourism, construction and health care necessary for the implementation of compulsory classification and categorization of hospitality and tourist facilities.

Review of project documentation, and giving an opinion on its compliance with regulations in the field of tourism, based on the Law on Hospitality and by-laws regulating the categorization of hospitality facilities.

Evaluation of validity and unification of the documents required for categorization. 

Court/craft register (company activity/trade).

Land registry, lease agreements, purchase contracts, inheritance solutions, concession agreements (right of management).

Documents from the field of construction – purpose of the object, construction permits, usage permits and other documents which prove the applicability of the object.

Documents from the field of tourism and categorization of hospitality and tourist objects that are being classified and/or categorized (hotels, camps, marinas).

Verification of compliance with the HACCP program. 

Assessment of risks and cost-effectiveness (prior to, during and after construction of the object).

Monitoring the investment realization course.

Tours of the object as well as a continuous verification of investment realizations in regards to requirements of future obligatory categorization until the administrative body issues a positive decision.

Estimating the profitability of the investment/the project of previously categorized objects (the process legal re-categorization of an object).

Making of a written consultative finding and opinion as soon as possible.

Obtaining information on available EU funds as well as funds from Croatia’s investment program in the fields of hospitality, tourism, hotel industry, the development of camps and marinas, which are meant for business entities from the fields of tourism, economy, small businesses and craft.