Our Clients

Our Clients

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About Us

  •  Sagittarius invictus Ltd. began in 1993. as a family business “Krojačka radionica”.
  • Until now the company has equipped over 50 hotels, over 300 residences, buildings and luxury apartments and approximately 80 business objects.
  • With this portfolio the company guarantees quality of service and solutions for all customer needs.
  • With confidence at your service.
More about us

Hotel equipment

  • logistic of equipping hotels with textile
  • curtains, black out fabrics, rails for curtains
  • measurements, production and installation
  • selection of fabrics in our collection or your choice of fabric manufacturers
  • confectioning curtains, decors and rails by the each hotel room
  • possibility of our installation service of all products
  • expertise in fabric – instructions in maintenance
  • blinds for windows
  • beds and matress
  • cushions for outdoor furniture
  • outdoor furniture
  • fast and quality delivery
  • made in Croatia